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16817Re: [midatlanticretro] Re: S.C. Digital S-100 RAM

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  • Dan Roganti
    Apr 16, 2010
      Bill Dromgoole,

      you had the homebrew "wooden" S-100 system right ?
      and the Godbout 4KB memory card that looked like a prototype, right ?

      I didn't have the SC Memory card, I can't recall who did


      Bill Dromgoole wrote:
      > It's not my card, must belong to Dan.

      Dan Roganti wrote:
      > I recall Bill D.#2 having an early Godbout 4KB Memory card, this is had the prototype look("handmade") since it doesn't have the green mask and white silkscreen that you see on a production bd -- just a way to save money back then.
      > I can't recall who had the S.C. Memory card.
      > =Dan
      > Bill Degnan wrote:
      >> Will do. It's a small ad (8th of a page), you can't get visual details but
      >> the general card specs are listed. The card I saw last weekend was
      >> according to Dan Roganti the "handmade" method of PCB creation, so we were
      >> thinking it was an older card.
      >> Maybe Dan can scan the board (or is it Bill Dromgooles?) It's not mine, I
      >> don't have it.
      >> Bill
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      >>> Subject: [midatlanticretro] Re: S.C. Digital S-100 RAM
      >>> Bill,
      >>> When you get a chance, please post a scan of the board or the ad. A
      >> fellow named Forrest Dustin from this area made an early S100 RAM card but
      >> I don't remember if he even had a company name. I have some data sheets for
      >> one of his cards and might be able to match something up. He was in pretty
      >> early so his cards probably were 8 or 16K. Ackerman Digital was another
      >> local company but they were out of Elk Grove Village, IL and I'm not sure
      >> if they made a RAM card. They did make a very nice PROM programmer, a voice
      >> card and a 6809 CPU board.
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