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  • Mike Loewen
    Apr 4, 2010
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      On Friday, I received 4 boxes of goodies for my efforts on the disk
      recovery project, a treasure trove of primarily S100 boards and manuals.
      Many of the boards are complete, some are partially assembled, some are
      unbuilt kits and a few are just blank boards. There's also a SD Sytems
      Z80 Starter Kit (unbuilt) and a complete TEI MCS-112 S100 system. There
      are several original Digital Research CP/M manuals, with duplicates.

      This stuff is going to keep me busy for a long time. I will eventually
      be interested in trading some of this, but need time to properly inventory
      and assess it.

      Diskette Drives:
      Siemens FDD 120-8 H 8" drive
      Pacific Peripheral Sales FDD 801 8" drive

      BCG-800 Color Graphics Board (bare board and major chips) + manual
      CG808- Intelligent Color Graphics board (bard board) + manual + software

      BYTE 4-76 MPU C1000-1001 Rev A CPU board (8080A)
      Cromemco 8K BYTESAVER

      Econoram II
      Econoram II (partially built)

      Jade Bus Probe board (blank)
      Micromation Doubler disk controller
      Netronics 64K RAM (8-4116s installed)
      Piiceon 8K Program Saver kit (unbuilt)
      S-100 Sound Effects Board (blank)

      SD Systems:
      Expandoram (2)
      Expandoram II (1 bank populated)
      PROM-100 2708/2716 EPROM programmer Kit (unbuilt)
      SBC-200 (2)
      SBC-200 (reset problem)
      Versafloppy II
      Versafloppy II (partially built)
      VDB-8024 video board
      Z80 Starter Kit (unbuilt)

      Solid State Music:
      VB3 Video board Kit (unbuilt)
      extender board
      MB06a 8KRAM blank board
      Music 8K RAM Board

      Tanner 64K Static Memory
      Vector Graphic PROM/RAM board kit
      Vector S100 4-slot S100 motherboard
      18-slot S100 motherboard

      TEI MCS-112 Microcomputer System (S100):
      Econoram II 8K (5)
      Econoram VII
      SSM IO-4

      Sublogic 3D-graphics interface software (manual + disk)
      Microsolutions Compaticard (PC disk controller, 8272A-based)
      PC-IQ Software (PCDOS)
      Motorola micro Chroma 68 Kit (major chips only, board) unbuilt

      Mike Loewen mloewen@...
      Old Technology http://sturgeon.css.psu.edu/~mloewen/Oldtech/
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