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16610Real post :)

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  • Evan Koblentz
    Apr 1, 2010
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      Okay, this one ain't a joke .... I got a call just now from BernieS
      (Hactory, 2600, etc.) who asked if MARCH will do a history panel in
      addition to our regular exhibit at HOPE this summer. Of course I said yes.

      The catch is time. We'd only have 50 minutes, and we'd want to allot
      10-15 minutes for audience questions. What could three or four of us
      do, panel-wise (not lecture-wise), that is compelling and fits into 35
      minutes? I'd like to hear suggestions that somehow merge the topics of
      microcomputer history and the vintage computing hobby itself. Of course
      we should also have some kind of hacker angle.

      They'd like to get our proposal in a week or so, thus we need to
      brainstorm quickly.

      Serious replies only please.
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