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165Anyone collect tax software programs?

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  • billdeg
    Mar 24, 2005
      I have a ~ 2' x 18" box full of accounting software (mostly disks no
      documentation), various vendors from 1990-1999, mostly on 5 1/4"
      diskettes intended for IBM PC compatibles. This is the era when
      software packages came in 5/10-disk bundles. I *could* just use
      these disks as scratch disks for various 5 1/4" drives, but I
      thought I remembered someone in the vintage computer community that
      actually collects this kind of software. Or maybe someone is
      looking for a new vintage category to explore. Or maybe you're
      being audited and you need to re-do your taxes from 1994.

      I will trade what to me is a small case of 5 1/4" disks for another
      small case of good condition scratch disks (any size/format). I
      would consider something of equal value (a few old vintage magazines
      for example).

      If you are really interested I also have accounting software on
      other computer formats that I could be convinced to part with. (trs-
      80, atari, commodore, ti/99.. through modern times)

      If no one is interested then I will not feel guilty about trashing
      the disks for scratch. Pass the word if you think you know someone
      who might be interested. billdeg at aol dot com.