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1649Product Review: Free Spirit Drive Alignment program for 1541/1571

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  • B. Degnan
    Nov 4, 2005
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      I have recently purchase an original copy of the program called "Free
      Spirit" drive alignment for any 1541 and 1571 type drive.

      I was able to fix in two evenings three previously misaligned drives with
      this software by simply running the program and following the directions:
      One 1571
      One internal 1571 (C128D drive )
      One 1541 II

      I was unable to fix another 1571 drive, but at least I was able to
      determine that the problem was not the alignment or drive speed.

      I highly recommend this program. If anyone has a bum 1541/1571 drive,
      don't chuck it until you try this program first!

      Does a similar program for the CBM 8050/4040, SDF 1001, etc exist?

      Bill D