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1645Commodore, Xerox 820 II, Epson Geneva for Sale

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  • Degnan
    Nov 4, 2005
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      I have a spreadsheet of items that a former computer dealer from
      outside of the region is trying to sell. The items are either new
      or fully tested and working. I have purchased some items from him
      in the past, and I offered to communicate his inventory to this group
      Some highlights include:

      Commodore Superpet
      Commodore 8032
      Commodore B-500
      Commodore B-128-80 hi-profile (no keyboard)
      CBM 9090
      Xerox 820 II
      Epson Geneva

      If you're interested, send me an email directly and I will send you
      a spreadsheet with items, prices, and description. For those of
      you who have expressed interest in the past, I will send to you this
      ss as well. Some of the items have prices, some are private bids.
      I plan to bid on the CBM 9090 and possibly the B-128-80 hi-profile.

      Bill D

      -- E N D --
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