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16427Ancient Printer Documentation

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  • RonK
    Mar 6, 2010
      Hi Guys,

      I was having some problems, sharing a printer between my computers. I thought I knew very little about how this operation worked. All I knew was there is a thing called a printer driver, and somehow the correct signals flowed from one computer, over the LAN to the other computer, and then out to the printer through a USB port.

      Starting to think about it more, the back part of my brain kicked in. I suddenly remembered, I DID have a knowledge of how printers work!

      Remember, in olden days, when you bought a printer, it came with a 60 page manual, which was stocked full of ASCII printer commands? Using BASIC, you could "OPEN" the printer and send commands down the line to put the printer through its paces.

      I guess it still works that way today, but we have become so far removed from the real nitty-gritty of our machines, that I figured only you guys would appreciate where we've been.

      Anybody still have an old printer manual around?

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