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16426Re: historical? - Zenith minisPORT laptop

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  • David
    Mar 6, 2010
      I'm glad this came back up, as I have been meaning to respond to this. I have one of these, and I HAD one back in 1992, which I purchased on clearance from a company through "Computer Shopper." I believe I paid about $299 for it. It's not significant in the history of personal computers, nor specifically the laptop, but I still find it very interesting. I had long given mine away, so I then starting looking for one a few years ago, and got one off of eBay.

      So, I guess the better word for it is - collectible. It's very collectible, because it's unique enough and interesting. Not only does it have the unique 2" disk drive, but it could also have one or two meg of RAM, which you could allocate part of as a RAM drive. It also booted DOS 3.3 from ROM, plus, it has a very cool version of LapLink (I'm pretty sure that's the brand) in ROM, where you can just connect it to another computer, and transfer across to it, so you can then begin transferring files. I was in college part-time, and I was taking a course in both Lotus 1-2-3 and dBase III+. I purchased the computer to do my work at home, instead of at the lab (I had a Mac at home). I was able to copy the programs off of one of the lab computers to my minisPORT, shhhhhh. I only used the software for those courses.

      This is a unique and proud part of my collection, along side at least two other, non-significant, but very cool computers -
      the Canon Navigator

      and the Convergent Technologies WorkSlate

      I also used to see those advertised for about $1200 or so in the same timespan in "Computer Shopper."


      David Greelish

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