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16414Re: Atari 800 Power Supply?

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  • ExSlyder
    Mar 4, 2010
      Ahh, I wonder if that is why when I tried using a DC adapter it wouldn't power on. Or in the case of the 1050 floppy drives, it would power on the logic board, but not the motor (I guess they are using some kind of rectifier to change from the 9VAC to 12VDC which usually powers the spindle on a floppy drive.

      Hmm.. would a 12VAC supply work do ya think? I have a one from my old set of Creative Labs speakers, it's a good heavy duty supply, and since it is using AC, it should work I think.

      I will first try it on one of my 2 floppy drives, one of them seems to not be working correctly anyway, but the motor will spin and the lights will work. So I figure that would be a good guinea-pig.



      --- In midatlanticretro@yahoogroups.com, "Curt @ Atari Museum" <curt@...> wrote:
      > Just be VERY careful in using P/S' on certain Atari products...
      > Most of the Home computer products use 9VAC - do NOT use a 9VDC power
      > supply!
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