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16382Re: [midatlanticretro] UPDATE on event....Re: VIC-20 Tweeting

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  • Evan Koblentz
    Feb 26, 2010
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      As noted by Dan .... I looked at the thread just now and user
      Sydbolton's posts. He makes several statements of interest to MARCH
      (each followed by my responses below.)

      >>>> We are setting a record (as far as I know) for a computer with the
      least resources - 5K of RAM and 1 MHz Processor - being able to Tweet.

      I bet we can beat that!

      > >>> It communicates through a serial port (since most vintage platforms
      have serial capabilities) using a simple command structure I created.
      The VIC is responsible for converting the characters from "PETSCII" to
      "ASCII" ...... The server side currently runs on Windows


      > >>> In response to those saying this is "cheating" - I submit that I
      never once claimed this was a native TCP IP situation on the VIC. I used
      a small PC "box". To say it's cheating to communicate would be like
      saying any wireless device that goes through a router is cheating since
      a router is essentially a computer (usually) running Linux. If I put
      that code into a box that was connected directly to the VIC nobody would
      say anything but alas.

      Say what?

      > >>> The bottom line? We accomplished what we set out to do. A VIC-20

      No, it didn't. It communicated with a Windows PC, and THAT system Tweeted.

      > >>> We also accomplished more than I expected - we brought a GREAT DEAL
      of attention to the beloved VIC-20

      MARCH deserves that attention. Let's make something older than the C-64
      natively Tweet (since the C-64 people already did that with Contiki).
      And/or let's use the serial method to beat this other museum's "record"
      ..... we've got to respond to their challenge using an Altair or IMSAI
      .... and then later our PDP-11/05 just to rub it in. :)

      > An update on this event can be found on this forum
      > http://tinyurl.com/y93ag7v
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