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16140OT? PDP-8 Single board Computer and Front Panel Partial Kit

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  • Bill Dromgoole
    Feb 4, 2010
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      Just in case anyone is interested in the Spare Time Gizmos ( http://www.sparetimegizmos.com/) SBC-6120 and FP-6120 Kit which has been discontinued for some time,
      there is one more opportunity to purchase a kit of both of them.
      It is fairly expensive at $640.00 and the last order accepted will be this Sunday. Just three days.
      I am including a copy of an email from Steve Gibson of Spin-Rite fame with more details.
      Hello Everyone!

      One way or another ... the PDP-8 SBC/FP project will move to its next stage at the end of this coming weekend.

      If Bob Armstrong has not received your payment for a combined PDP-8 SBC/FP kit by the end of the day, Sunday, February 7th, it will be too late.

      Assuming that a sufficient number of paid orders have been received by that time, Bob will immediately place the orders for exactly that number of kits Monday morning.

      It will not be possible for anyone -- not even one more person -- to add themselves to the group after the end of this weekend.

      Since the lead time for kit part fabrication is already significant, it would not be fair to hold up everyone else while waiting for stragglers.  I'm sure you can understand.

      Since many of you expressed great relief to me that this was miraculously happening one last time -- and it really does look like there is no chance that this will ever happen  again, I just wanted to make absolutely certain that there was no misunderstanding, and that no one who wanted to acquire one of Bob's amazing PDP-8 kits was left out due to a missed or misunderstood eMail.

      NOTE: I am sending this final reminder to everyone whose eMail address I have. If you HAVE already paid Bob for the kit, please just ignore this, your order is safe and paid for.

      If any of this is a surprise to you, please CAREFULLY READ the two letters I and Bob sent to everyone last Saturday. You can find them here...


      ... then please do not delay if you wish to proceed. only three full days remain.

      And to those who have paid and are anxiously anticipating the receipt and construction of these terrific kits ... I say, welcome to a bunch of future fun!

      All the best,

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