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16138Re: [midatlanticretro] Exciting rumor at InfoAge

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  • Evan Koblentz
    Feb 2, 2010

      Will this spare in the H-building be the permanent home for our displays?  If so, let's make the most of it and not half ass things here.

      I don't think we have done anything "half-assed" so far.  But anyway, no, it is doubtful that the next move would be our last.  Fred says that someday, perhaps in two or three years, we could have an entire half-section of an H-building (that is, one-eighth of an "H") for the computer museum.  So our next move would be an interim step.  InfoAge's big idea is to get some exhibits into those buildings to start, use our current building for a large W.W. II electronics exhibit, and then continue renovating the rest of the H-buildings .... when a bigger section is ready then we'd move into that, and something else would move into our section, etc. One way to think of it is a large "use it or lose it" approach to show Wall Township that InfoAge can do what we claim, not just in one or two buildings but across the whole campus.

      That's why it is so important that our next move be (ahem) full-assed.  :)

      Other than floor-standing things which require casters or forklifts, we'll make all of our tabletop and desktop exhibits pallet-mounted.  Basically means take two ordinary pallets, bolt them together to make one 1x2-long pallet, and either attach casters to all four corners plus two in the middle, or just caster-ize one end and rely on a pallet jack for the other end.  Wa-la, we then have big rolling platforms for our tabletop and desktop exhibits.  Then the next move would be MUCH simpler.  Another grand idea: if/when organizations want to rent our a big hall and desire some exhibits related to vintage technology, then the various InfoAge groups can provide instant themes by simply wheeling in an exhibit or two for the night.

      Before such a move happens, MARCH and any other relevant organizations may be called upon to help with some of the grunt work, just as we have in the past, etc.

      This is all still an unconfirmed rumor for now.  :)  But it's looking increasingly likely.
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