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16050Re: [midatlanticretro] Re: Green Screen Experiance - was MARCH exhibit kiosks

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  • Evan Koblentz
    Jan 26, 2010
      > that we can run on the IBM PC for example

      That computer still doesn't turn on reliably. Many times it beeps,
      gives strange error messages, and then hangs.

      Also, Jeff F. reported that our PET 2001 smelled like something was
      burning during startup last weekend. Not good.

      > we need a working printer for banners. That's the cheapest vintage
      > way to do signs for meetings and events. Banner and cardboard, done.
      > Looks authentic.

      Jeff B. brought in one of his printers, and we successfully tested it
      with Print Shop on the C-64. But it's his printer, not ours, and he
      says cartridges are hard to find.

      What I think we should do instead is make a vintage printing station,
      separate from our exhibits, that we use just for making banners. I bet
      an Apple II(x) with an Imagewriter is the easiest approach, because
      supplies are readily available (and because that is what I used as a kid
      to make banners for all my family's parties, so I'm biased!)

      Just like with the C-64s, we have a large amount of II+/IIe systems.
      Although our IIc is probably a better choice for a printing station
      because it's physically smaller. We can hide this away in the small
      supply area behind the former Camp Evans / future ENIAC-UNIVAC exhibit.
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