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  • Evan Koblentz
    Jan 26, 2010
      Here's a note that Bill and I received from the APL contact just now:


      I'm glad they have gotten to a good home. I've been reading the MARCH mailling list, and there is definitely a lot of excitement. We're pondering a field trip...

      I'm still working on getting the pictures released, haven't quite found the right person yet.
      Something is going to get written up for the APL news letter too.

      The APL moving team was:
      Mark Thober
      Joel Land
      Russ Fink
      David Knipfer
      Jack Myrick
      Hui Men
      Charles Lepple
      Dan Barlow
      Tim Collins
      Tommy Johnson

      This wouldn't have gone off with out a lot of people, from Joel who found them, to Rick Schultz who did all the paperwork, to Jack Myrick who got the forklift and dolly and Russ Fink who thought to bring a first aid kit (only minor injuries!:-).

      As you know, these computers were for a ship-borne radar. The radar antenna itself, and possibly more of the RF gear, went to the National Electronics Museum in Lithicum. That may be relevant as the exhibit comes together.