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160Re: [midatlanticretro] I got us mentioned on Boing Boing

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    Mar 23 8:48 AM
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           Congratulatioins on the mention on Boing Foing.  Howevr, I ttake issue with a couple of thing said in the article.
           First, wasn't the Osbrne 1 on the market some time prior to the IBM announcement of the PC? If I am right,(and I think I am),  thenthe  s tatement  that the Compaq portable killed the Osborne because it was built better and was IBM compatable is simply not so.  Two things killed the Osborne Computer Company.  The Primary reason was the mistake of announcing the new model long before it was ready for production and delivery.  This killed the orders for the Osborne 1 and thus killed the company's cash flow.  At the same time, machines like the Kay Pro and others were available to fulfill the demand for portables created by the Osborne 1.
           Second, The  statement that Osborne "Pioneered the concept of bundling software" is quite misleading and inaccurate.  What Adam did was re-introduce software bundling which had been dropped by the "big iron" makers in the late 60's or there-abouts, after having used bundling to increase  profits and keep the customerss dependent on them since the beinning of the commercial computing industry in the early to mid 50's. The furor raised by thousands of irate (and often long term) customeres finally caused IBM et al to drop bundling, thus giving the independent softweer industry the boost needed to make it viable and fast-growing.
      Thanks for the place to let me spout off occasionally;
      Ray Borrill 

      ahm <ahm@...> wrote:
      (Oh, and the Mobile PC article is pretty good too :)


      Pioneer Purveyor of Personal Processing Power
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