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15800The A's of olde..

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  • Joseph Oprysko
    Jan 2, 2010
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      I recently picked up an Atari Portfolio in very good condition. I had made a trade late last year of a C-64 floppy drive for a Portfolio in fair condition. It was the machine by itself, and occasionally experiences lock ups. This new one all the cable shields are in place, it came with the 32k Memory card, Serial port adapter and Parallel port adapter. The machine runs a variant of MS-DOS 2.11. Now that I have the serial and parallel adapters, I will be able to transfer programs to it. The machines split the SRAM into storage for programs and RAM for program use.

      The next A is an Apple IIe I am going to be getting. It had the Duo-Floppy controller and a RAMworks III card, which maxes out at 1MB of RAM, from the photos, it looks like there are 2 banks filled, so I guess the machine has 512 (576?)K of RAM, I will need to track down a SuperSerial Card for the IIe. Looking forward to getting the IIe for expandability. I have 2 IIc's, so I will probably be looking to part with one of them.

      One other thing, for Bill Degnan, when are you having the tech/geek weekend?? :). Hopefully I did not miss it, I know I missed the party at the museum, but it was beyond my control at that time.

      Joe O.
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