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15790Re: [midatlanticretro] Word/Excel for Classic Mac questions

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  • Richard Cini
    Jan 1, 2010
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      Re: [midatlanticretro] Word/Excel for Classic Mac questions Jeff --

          Thanks a lot. I have something like 95 files that need converting so anything that can speed it up would be appreciated.


      On 1/1/10 10:32 PM, "Jeffrey Brace" <ark72axow@...> wrote:


      Sorry I only have Excel, Word 3.0, 4.0, 5.0 (mabye 6.0). It's been a while since I have used them. Not sure if there is a converter for Word 6. But I know that there should be a program that will convert a bunch of files at once into different formats. Mac Link Plus was the name of it I believe.  Not sure if this helps. I will take a look at my disks and see if there is anything else that can help you.

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      Subject: [midatlanticretro] Word/Excel  for Classic Mac questions

      All --

          Happy new year  to everyone. Today I found some old Mac disks from college and I have a Mac  question for the experts on the list. The documents I found are Word 1 and  Excel 1 format which don't seem to be readable by Word 6 and Excel  5.

         I can use a two-step process of running Word 3  running in vMac to convert from Word 1.x to 3.x and then converting it to Word  6 running in Basilisk, but I wondered if any Mac experts on the list knew of a  more direct conversion method like an installable file converter for Word  6.

          On a partially-related note, I installed  Excel 2.2 for some other conversions but I found that disk 2 is corrupt. Does  anyone have a copy they could shoot me? Thanks!


      Rich  Cini
      Collector of Classic Computers
      Build Master and lead engineer,  Altair32 Emulator

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