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15691Commodore 264 (TED) Software

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  • B Degnan
    Dec 19, 2009

      As most of you who know about Commodore know, the Plus/4 has little
      useful software, and most of what is out there is PAL format. NTSC
      stuff does exist however, if you look long enough. The only remaining
      trick is to get the files to your system.

      I have updated my archives of Plus/4 (and some C16/C116) programs to
      hopefully bring life to this TED-laden and orphaned family within our
      group . I tried to favor mostly NTSC programs, but I have not tried
      everything yet. Start with plus4-1.d64, plus4-2.d64, plus4-3.d64, and
      the newer ZIP'd files.

      I use a C128 to extract the D64 files to a 1541, and then switch to a
      Plus/4 to use the programs.