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  • BDegnan
    Dec 14, 2009
      Pretty much yup.

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      Isepic is great for one time load programs, but if Lode Runner loads levels from the disk, it is possible the program will expect to see the error again. Best way to copy it is with a nibbler that will duplicate the error, or with a fast copier and just use Pirate's Toolbox to place the error yourself.

      I was a big Isepic fan back in the day, as it would add their fastloader to the program you just Isepic'd.
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      Somewhere in the bowels of MARCH's collection of "stuff" is an
      "Icepik" or two. That was one of those gadgets that would let you
      freeze an operating program, and then make a RAM dump on to a disk.
      On reloading -that- disk, you jumped right back into an operating

      It's only supposed to be used for "archival" purposes, of course.

      73 de Ray

      On Dec 14, 2009, at 2:56 PM, Jeffrey Brace wrote:

      > Bill,
      > Yes, that is interesting, but not surprising that the company who
      > made it would copy protect all versions for all systems. There are
      > very few copy protected games for Mac and PC (that I have owned).
      > On the commodore side, of course there were lots of protected
      > disks, which were ever increasing in sophistication over the years.
      > A who other topic. Maybe we should change the subject line for this
      > tread ?
      > If you are looking only to make a backup copy, then you can use
      > Maverick (disk copier, file utilities, monitor etc). I have those
      > disks and all the parameters disks (I actually bought all of them
      > years ago). I suppose Fast Hack'em might work too, if it is new
      > enough. Let me know if want those disks. Also you were talking
      > about memory dumps. You can use a Super Snapshot or similar
      > cartridge to freeze memory and save it to disk.
      > Jeff
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      > >
      > > >FYI Sunday I tried to make a copy of the LodeRunner game that I
      > have in
      > Yes, c64. I am sure there is a cracked version someplace too. I was
      > just
      > curious to see if they also protected the C64 version, as we
      > discovered on
      > Saturday they did of the MAC SE version. I have the original so I
      > really
      > don't need to make a copy for any reason other than to preserve the
      > program.
      > Thanks
      > Bill
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