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  • Bill Degnan
    Dec 14, 2009
      > >FYI Sunday I tried to make a copy of the LodeRunner game that I have in

      > >Commodore format to see how hard it would be, and I also ran into
      > >difficulty. There is a copy protection scheme involving a track of
      > >non-standard formatting of some kind. I would have to figure out where
      > >memory this game loads and make a memory dump, etc. to bypass the disk
      > >checking routine. Not really worth it.
      > Bill,
      > Have you checked c64preservation.com? You can find the disk protection
      > scheme in their database for many titles. Then pop over to NoGames64 and
      > grab a disk tool that will let you duplicate the disk error. This of
      > assumes
      > you were referencing a Commodore 64.

      Yes, c64. I am sure there is a cracked version someplace too. I was just
      curious to see if they also protected the C64 version, as we discovered on
      Saturday they did of the MAC SE version. I have the original so I really
      don't need to make a copy for any reason other than to preserve the


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