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  • Brian Schenkenberger, VAXman-
    Dec 14, 2009
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      "Jeffrey Brace" <ark72axow@...> writes:

      >The party was great ! I got there at 7pm and brought the burgers.
      >Everyone = was starving for some real food ! There was a rumor that they
      >were going to= start eating each other if I arrived any later. Joe


      I was going to make up a tray of hot wings if I was to drop by but, like I
      said, I was conscripted into driving the Mrs. to the shops.

      >Evan was passed out for most of the time I was there and left early.
      >Jeff J= onas was nice enough to give him a ride to the party and back

      The life of the party? :)

      >It was funny to talk to different people and to listen in on different
      >conv= ersations. Nice to have so many interests shared by others.
      >About 1am or so those of us left went to the cottage and watched "Spinal
      >Ta= p" and "Short Circuit". Some new guy preferred sleeping on the floor
      >while = we watched the movie and we got the heat working. A few of them
      >were on the= wireless internet (can't keep those nerds away from the
      >internet for too l= ong ) catching up on e-mail etc.

      I thought that there was no internet? I would have had it since I use an
      EVDO but I could swear I read mention that there was no internet there.

      >I left around 4am and went home to sleep. I came back to the museum
      >around = 3:45 to collect some stuff I left and helped to clean a little.
      >I was surpr= ised to see 4 or 5 there. Lots of people where there for
      >other events and = I gave a tour to two groups of people who were at the
      >MARCH museum.=20
      >It was a small group, but lots of fun. I look forward to the spring
      >party != =20=20

      I'll have to stop it for that on. There shouldn't be anything holding me
      back in the spring.

      VAXman- A Bored Certified VMS Kernel Mode Hacker VAXman(at)TMESIS(dot)COM

      "Well my son, life is like a beanstalk, isn't it?"
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