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  • Jeffrey Brace
    Dec 13, 2009
      The party was great ! I got there at 7pm and brought the burgers. Everyone was starving for some real food ! There was a rumor that they were going to start eating each other if I arrived any later. Joe Gilberti was the cook and did a great job despite the cold and some wind blowing the smoke in his face. 
      When Bill Degnan arrived Andy, me and Bill put our Mac SE/30's on the same table and shared software and Ian helped to diagnose problems with them all.  I think we should have another Mac SE/30 gathering like that next time. Matt Patoray couldn't make it but is interested in partaking. He says he has lots of mac stuff. Cool !
      Ian showed us his Japanese version of Super Mario 2 and some other game on the Genesis.
      Evan was passed out for most of the time I was there and left early. Jeff Jonas was nice enough to give him a ride to the party and back home.
      It was funny to talk to different people and to listen in on different conversations. Nice to have so many interests shared by others.
      About 1am or so those of us left went to the cottage and watched "Spinal Tap" and "Short Circuit". Some new guy preferred sleeping on the floor while we watched the movie and we got the heat working. A few of them were on the wireless internet (can't keep those nerds away from the internet for too longWinking smiley emoticon ) catching up on e-mail etc.
      I left around 4am and went home to sleep. I came back to the museum around 3:45 to collect some stuff I left and helped to clean a little. I was surprised to see 4 or 5 there.  Lots of people where there for other events and I gave a tour to two groups of people who were at the MARCH museum.
      It was a small group, but lots of fun. I look forward to the spring party ! 
      Maybe others can share what happened as well Smiley emoticon
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      I hope all of the party going MARCHers slept well and kept warm considering
      the bitter cold tempuratures we've had here the vicinity of the Evans area.
      I remember working there when it was as cold but Uncle Sam didn't spare any
      expense to turn up the boilers and make the facilities plenty warm inside.

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