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1544DEClaser for sale/trade

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  • Evan
    Oct 18, 2005
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      I've got a not-quite-vintage DEClaser 3500 with four extra cartridges. It's
      just taking up space because I have a brand new all-in-one printer which I'm
      very happy with.

      So I gave the DEClaser to my parents, who report that it only works when
      it's in a good mood, and that many times it leaves a strange streak on the
      page. But, hey, it's DEC. That ought to interest someone. Smile

      This sucker is HEAVY so I have no idea what it would cost to pack and ship.

      Anyway, make me an offer. I wouldn't mind trading for a dot-matrix
      ImageWriter printer/ribbons for my Apple //c. (Yes, Sellam, I know you have
      87 of them, but I feel better bartering in a fair manner!) ... Or, as you
      all know, I'm always looking for interesting vintage handhelds/laptops.

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