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  • B Degnan
    Dec 1, 2009
      Evan Koblentz wrote:
      > Does anyone, other than me, keep ALL of the list messages .... going
      > back to the beginning?
      > Yahoo has virtually no reporting tools. I'd like to know, for example,
      > who the top 10 posters are.
      > Not counting * this * message, the MARCH folder in my inbox contains
      > 16,232 messages (about 1,000 more than are in our group archive.) Some
      > of those are non-list messages that got jumbled in because of filtering
      > rules. And a few are from before MARCH even had a listserv at all.
      > Of the 16,232, it seems 3,601 are from me -- just over 22%.
      > I'm too lazy to check everyone else. Spots 2-10 could be anyone.
      > It makes no difference; I was just wondering.
      I am sure that I am in the top 10
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