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  • Evan Koblentz
    Dec 1, 2009
      Does anyone, other than me, keep ALL of the list messages .... going
      back to the beginning?

      Yahoo has virtually no reporting tools. I'd like to know, for example,
      who the top 10 posters are.

      Not counting * this * message, the MARCH folder in my inbox contains
      16,232 messages (about 1,000 more than are in our group archive.) Some
      of those are non-list messages that got jumbled in because of filtering
      rules. And a few are from before MARCH even had a listserv at all.

      Of the 16,232, it seems 3,601 are from me -- just over 22%.

      I'm too lazy to check everyone else. Spots 2-10 could be anyone.

      It makes no difference; I was just wondering.
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