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15011I am selling parts on ebay

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  • mejeep_ferret
    Nov 5, 2009
      Hi! Jeff Jonas here
      I'm selling some interesting things on ebay.

      This url lists all my current auctions:

      Item number:320444928233
      Intel 8080A CPU in IMASI S100 CPU card: MPU-A rev-4
      Here's a ceramic Intel C8080A 2975A 2 MHz CPU
      socketed in an IMSAI CPU CARD, S-100 bus: 1975 IMS ASSOC MPU-A REV 4

      Item number:320443614849
      new unused ISE DG8F eightron single digit VFD
      a new unused ISE DG8F eightron VFD (vacuum fluorescent display)
      with flying leads, originally sold as Radio Shack #276-065.
      It's called the "eightron" for the teeny little segment
      to the right so the '4' crosses nicer than a 7 segment display.

      Item number:320443610650
      FNA 30 Archer 276-060 9 digit 7 segment LED module
      So old, it's now retro! Here's a new, unused FNA 30
      Archer Radio Shack #276-060 teeny 9 digit 7 segment LED display module
      like those used in the early handheld calculators.
      Yes, those are magnifiers built into the top of the display!

      Item number:320444923473
      NOS large Beckman neon panaplex display 8 digit nixie
      This is a new unused Panaplex-style neon display panel
      Beckman Kr85 PP450 019
      8 digits, each with 7 segments, decimal point and comma.
      The flying leads are firmly attached to the edge.
      Digits are .7 inch tall, the 8 digits are 5 inches wide!

      I'll be listing more, such as nixie calculators and numitron (incandescent) numeric displays.