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14972TCF 2010 + MARCH

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  • Evan Koblentz
    Nov 3, 2009
      Hi all,

      Got an email today from Al Katz, re: next year's Trenton event (April
      24-25). He wrote, "As 2010 is our 35th year, we are also seeking talks
      that deal with the history of PCs and their impact on society."

      That caught my eye, so I called him for more information. He clearly
      explained that they're NOT doing anything competitive to MARCH/VCF, but
      they'd certainly like our help.

      So the question is this: How, other than our regular demo booth, can we
      creatively emphasize computer history at Trenton -- without
      cannibalizing our own event? (I'm somewhat terrified that the public
      will say, "I just saw vintage computers in April, why should I go to
      another event in September?")

      Al added that if we go beyond our usual demo, then he'll advertise our
      museum in the Trenton show proceedings, which could be very helpful for
      us and InfoAge.

      Unrelated -- this year's Trenton keynote speaker is RMS.
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