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  • joprysko1
    Oct 30, 2009

      Apparently I was the one that the guy said he sold it to. I got it and it wouldn't power on. I have been going crazy trying to fix it. I replaced a couple of dried out caps, reading voltage levels all over the place trying to figure out what was holding it down.

      FINALLY! I talked to another one of the engineers at my work, and he told me to check these certain caps. I had already checked them previously and they included the couple of caps I had replaced. So I was taking voltage readings across one of the ones I replaced, and got my voltage. I tried to get a voltage reading across another one, that was in parallel with that cap and was getting nothing. So I asked a different engineer. He took a couple of readings with the meter, and said it's possible that one of the caps I replaced didn't have a good electrical connection. Then rather than replacing the cap, he suggested, just take a jumper from the + side of that cap to the other cap that should be in parallel, as there was an open between them. After I did that the machine powered up.

      So, now I have a working TRS-80 Model 100, with all kinds of accessories. The Acoustic Coupler, the nifty briefcase, etc.

      Now I can play with it.. or end up putting it in storage now that it is working.. LOL

      Joe O.
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