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14932Re: [midatlanticretro] OT: CRT Rejuvenation

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  • David Gesswein
    Oct 28, 2009
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      > Does anyone have any experience rejuvenating CRT screens? How is it done?
      People have mostly answered this. Rejuvenation is done to cure low emission
      which makes the picture dim. When you can't turn it up enough or the
      picture gets too fuzzy due to the high brightness setting is when you
      need to rejuvenate. They also sold little transformers to increase the heater
      voltage which also increases emission. I have used my rejuvenator on a
      VT100 terminal screen. You hook it up to the connector on the back of the

      > Mainly, a purple spot has formed in the corner, and the picture is no longer
      > as sharp as it once was.
      Like people have said this is likely a magnitization issue. Some (large?)
      monitors/tv's have internal degauss coil around the tube. If yours has
      that and the drive has failed manually degaussing it will only work for a
      while. If you heard a buzz for a few seconds or on turn on or the picture
      shaked for a few seconds it had a built in degaussing coil. If it didn't
      it may not have had one or they did a better job of it than some of
      my monitors. A friend had a large TV the coil drive failed on and it
      got the funny colored spots.
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