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14877Re: Pretty much OT: need a part for a digital (brand) laptop

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  • brian_cirulnick
    Oct 23, 2009
      > B Degnan <billdeg@...> writes:
      > >This cable, which I believe you're saying is one of those delicate flat
      > >connectors between the display or keyboard and the CPU - impossible to
      > >reconstruct yourself.

      Not impossible... just damn difficult. You need to scrape away at the plastic covering and then *carefully* solder very thin wires to "reconstruct" the ribbon cable. Magnifying glass needed.

      While I've never done it for a laptop, my Vanagon's dashboard is a giant plastic ribbon cable connecting all the various bits together, and that's been falling apart (and soldered back together) since I got it. And I have a short in there someplace because when I turn on my headlights, the Tachometer stops working.

      I'll get around to fixing that after the Beetle project is completed.
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