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1435RE: [midatlanticretro] Re: PDP11 stuff available

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  • Chris M
    Oct 5, 2005
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      I'm going to ask a weird and highly technical
      question. Assuming someone wanted to get something
      running on a puter it wasn't yet ported to, let's
      think operating systems, which employ alot of low
      level stuph, do you have to take into account changes
      in room temperature when hand fitting portions of
      code? I don't know what he was referring to, but
      Andrew Tanenbaum stated something to that effect in
      his text on MINIX - I forget the exact title. I don't
      know what computer system he was referring to -
      obviously he wrote the thing on early pc's, probably
      completed the os is '86 or '87. I guess on early early
      stuph this could have been the case, but on a pc??? If
      this is the case it's skeery. I want out!
      For those who didn't already know, MINIX was a cut
      down UNIX clone that he wrote to illustrate operating
      system principles. It served as the primary
      inspiration for Linus Torvalds undertaking his own
      UNIX clone, after his namesake, LINUX.

      --- William Pechter <bpechter@...> wrote:

      > The only info I have is how to install it on an
      > 11/70.
      > I'll do some checking with the author for further
      > info.
      > Bill

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