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14096Re: [midatlanticretro] slashdot re-writing history

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  • Bob Schwier
    Sep 2 8:42 AM
      Gleaned from PC Magazine "DOS Power Tools" Paul Somerson 1988.
      The PC was always an 8088.  Gates even wondered why, in 1980 when it
      was introduced, IBM did not use the 8086 with its sixteen bit bus versus
      the eight bit bus of the 8088.
      It was in late 1980 that IBM approached Bill Gates to write the operating
      system which would be MSDOS1.0.
      As the 8088 and 8086 were introduced in 1978, seems that what was more
      probable is that the IBM engineers started by breadboarding 8080's and may
      have reversed engineered an IMSAI 8080 and the real reason they ran with
      the 8088 is that they were not ready to deal with the greater bus capability
      of the 8086 in a meaningful way.
      Bill Gates had bought for $50,000 rights to Tim Patterson's 86-DOS and
      that was what would be reverse engineered to become the operating system
      in the PC.  As the name says, the operating system was designed for an 8086,
      not an 8088.
      On a different note, what are the specifics on cassette player and cassette needed
      to run with the cassette basic program on the ROM of the PC?  I've got the
      item in my closet, it worked when I last played with it but I've always been
      curious about that function that wasn't carried on to later machines.

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      I didn't think that PCs got their start via reverse engineered Microsoft DOS put on computers with 8080 processors.. .

      http://science. slashdot. org/story/ 09/09/01/ 235205/Space- Shuttle-To- Be-Replaced- By-SpaceX- For-ISS-Resupply

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