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14080Re: [midatlanticretro] Multi-tech Systems MT25 Breakout Box for

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  • Bob Applegate
    Sep 2, 2009
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      It appears to be just a basic RS-232 breakout box.  New ones are readily available and Radio Shack was selling similar units (a bit more compact) at one point.  Extremely handy when dealing with RS-232 interfaces from the old days because you'd often have to putz around to see what control line needed to be driven in order to get things to work.

      At my first job we had one particular secretary who hated our company's products because the serial ports "didn't work."  Whenever she got a new fancy printer (no plain old dot-matrix for her), she'd plug it into our RS-232 port, it wouldn't print, and she'd call Engineering.  One guy would walk over with a break-out box and spend a few minutes figuring out which control lines the printer needed to have pulled high or low, then would have the Techs make a short adaptor cable.  After going through this a bunch of times, someone finally explained (in blunt terms) that there was nothing wrong with our RS-232 board, and this is just how the industry works.


      On Sep 1, 2009, at 9:37 PM, B Degnan wrote:

      Anyone work with these? Looks like a fun tool to have.

      http://vintagecompu ter.net/pictures /thm_multi- tech_systems_ MT25_breakout. JPG

      EIA-CCITT Monitoring.


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