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  • Evan Koblentz
    Sep 1, 2009
      Nobody denies there WAS a literal bug in the computer. The problem is
      she's widely and falsely credited with coining the term itself, despite
      the term going back to the 1800s.

      > One of my history books has a picture of the Mark I logbook with the
      > moth taped to the page but I can't find it right now. However, the story
      > is directly attributed to Hopper in Portraits In Silicon, Slater, p.223.
      > Grace Hopper was instrumental in the creation of the first compiler
      > (A-0) for the UNIVAC I. This was long before FORTRAN. She just about
      > invented high-level languages. She was a member of the committee that
      > defined COBOL. Whether she coined the term "bug" as related to a defect
      > in a computer program is open to discussion but she was willing to
      > accept it.
      > Jim
      > evan@... wrote:
      >> >>> working for Grace Hopper on that project.
      >> Oy ... Grace Hopper and her stories again ...
      >> Hopper was a decent computer scientist and had much to do with getting
      >> COBOL started. That's it.
      >> Last year I was at Infoage one day and some visitor INSISTED that Hopper
      >> really did "discover" the "first bug".
      >> What actually happened is that Hopper JOKED about her techs finding a
      >> real bug inside a computer, and a bunch of people including media took
      >> it seriously. "Bug" was used since Thomas Edison's day.
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