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1406Re: [midatlanticretro] newbie computers

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  • David Collins
    Oct 3, 2005
      Evan wrote:
      Hello Mindless Automation... haven't seen your email address here before, so hello and welcome to our group!
      Tell us about yourself.
      - Evan K., MARCH prez
      Oops.. sorry about that.  Didn't realize I was set to use my bbs email address.  Anyhow, I picked up
      on this group from a post from CHLUG (http://www.chlug.org)  I guess I don't currently own anything
      (according to the FAQ) that is vintage except maybe an IBM PS/2 (just because its different than
      your ordinary Intel-type except it has Win95 on it :o.)  Maybe the old PowerMac 6100/66 could be,
      its got the extra special PDS slots.. or it can use a Apple/DOS compatibility card and run DOS!
      Maybe not vintage, but unusual I guess.  I had a stack of C64's, but I gave them all away when I
      moved out east. 

      I started on Apple IIe & Mac Plus I guess.. Worked on TSR80s.. Commodores were big with my friends
      and I due to the abundance of games.. never really got into console game systems.  Mostly work on
      Windows machines now.

      As in the previous post, I have no problem dumpster diving for interesting hardware..


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