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  • Evan Koblentz
    Aug 9, 2009
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      Joe and I continued with cleaning and organizing today. Jeff B. dropped
      off a printer for the C-64 exhibit. He popped in a cartridge from one
      of our printers (a different model), and not only did it fit, the ink
      was dark during a test print. Good stuff. Joe cleaned several exhibit
      items. I was upstairs making more posters. We put the first four door
      posters into black frames. I'll hang them next time. There were also
      several visitors today, many with children. All seemed interested in
      our museum despite the renovation and many said they'll come to VCF.
      Nick L. also visited us. At the end of the day, Steve G. had an
      impromptu BBQ for all the volunteers. Good food and drink.

      Anyone have a copy of Commodore Print Shop? I'd like to make some
      vintage banners. I think we DO have a copy in the basement, but it's
      quicker for someone to give me a known-good disk than for me to find and
      test 'em.

      Also what is the best source for buying new cartridges when ours run out?
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