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13659Re: [midatlanticretro] Burroughs L700 with work station

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  • B Degnan
    Jul 30, 2009
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      Mike Loewen wrote:
      On Thu, 30 Jul 2009, B Degnan wrote:
      does MARCH want a Burroughts L7000 minicomputer (1971)?  It comes with a
      work station that reads cards, etc.  It's very dusty, but it's complete,
      and would take up an entire wall in the minicomputer exhibit room.    I
      can be cleaned and should be in a museum.    It's kind of like the L5000
      and L9000 I have read, but there are no pics on the web.  My cell phone
      camera is almost useless so I don't have much to
          Wow, where do you find this stuff?  :-)
          There are two operations manuals for the L-series on Bitsavers, with 
      pictures of the terminal:
          ...and some other info:
      Thanks.  It's pretty much complete and I believe we can do a full restore, if there is anyone who knows what to do with this beast.

      I propose that we set a date in October to take it apart and bring to InfoAge, then re-assemble.  I am confident that we can do this.  I am saying October because this is an all day project, even with 4 people, and this way we can set a date and we can focus on VCF.  I have been told that there is no deadline.

      The computer is about 6 miles from my house, so we can either meet at my house or meet at the jewelry store.  Either way we'll need a full sized truck with a lift. 

      The terminal station with the card reader and writer (whatever it is) is very cool, the computer itself may be a 1970-1 model, but it looks 1965.  I have a manual of some sort, plus they're is a lot more spaces to look around in down in that basement for more docs.

      So, I am looking for 3 hearty individuals and a truck.  Maybe 3 more people on the InfoAge end to help unload and re-assemble.  Let me know directly if interested, and dates available following VCF through to the end of October.

      Personally this computer is not my "thing" but I do recognize a rare minicomputer when I see one.  The only thing I was able to save larger than this monster is a linotype machine I helped move to the System Solutions museum in Baltimore three years ago.

      I understand that we now have the space to hold this kind of stuff, if there are any objections to adding this to the MARCH collection let me know.  In the past we have balked at huge systems like this, but 1971 is old enough to make it worth having, right?


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