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13301Re: second batch of stuff available. philadelphia

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  • msimonsmail
    Jul 3 12:48 PM
      Yes, Cherry Hill is fairly easy to get to (right over the tacony-palmyra bridge, or other bridges of your choice just a short drive..)

      Anyways, I did forward the contact information for John S's friend.

      That being said, some others of you emailed me at my slackware email address, which unfortunately is down right now. :(

      So, if you can email me again with the details at this yahoo address, it would be appreciated.

      Also, since a couple of people from the MARCH list seem to be making efforts to pick up -- if you are further away and there is something you want, you can email me too, and maybe the other MARCHers would be kind enough to pick up things for you and somehow get them to you. :)

      Speaking of which, nobody has claimed that CRT extension arm yet... I think it would be great for displays at InfoAge... Anybody? anybody? :) Evan... what do you think? Does anybody want to pick it up for the museum? :D

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