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1328Re: OASIS/Jim She's Dead (was Altos "Serie 5" 5-AD Computer)

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  • chrism3667
    Sep 28, 2005
      there's a good possibility you just need a new ram chip, specifically
      the ninth in the series, in fact, the parity chip. Really knowing
      nothing about computers or electronics way back when, my Tandy 2000
      displayed a "memory parity error" on the screen in the middle of a
      chess game. I pulled out the memory daughterboard, which granted was
      alot easier then working off the motherboard, and desoldered what I
      believed to be the parity chip, soldered in a socket, and plugged a
      fresh 4164 or whatever into it. Sho' 'nuff, it came back to life. Had
      to learn how to use a desoldering wick and all. And keep in mind, the
      best way to desolder something is to add a little solder first.
      It could be any of the ram chips though actually I suppose, or another
      problem altogether. But I'm guessing it's likely that.
      And one day I'm going to invest in a desoldering station. I'd have to
      say a must if you're going to be working on this stuph.

      --- In midatlanticretro@yahoogroups.com, billdeg@a... wrote:
      > The system died last night. I had it up for a few hours and then
      tried a
      >...The system started making noises flashed a bunch of parity error 96
      > messages on the screen...and never came back to life.
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