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1318Re: well my Yamaha CX5M seems to work...

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  • chrism3667
    Sep 26, 2005
      I know it is Jim, probably due to one of your comments in the past. I
      in fact did get it on Ebay, and it only cost like 6 bucks, although
      shipping was like 2.5 x that. I can't swear it works, but the only
      thing that has me concerned is the video IC, and even that is similar
      to the TI/994A'a (I can never remember how that puter is spelled).
      This thing was sitting in a pawn shop evidently, still had the sticker
      on it. Good condition, and I agree, when I started reading up on MSX
      stuph, I became tre intrigued.
      This thing did have the option of a disk drive, but I doubt I'd find
      the original equipment *affordably*. I don't know, I might play around
      with trying to hook up *something* through one of it's ports. The
      damned notoriously slow C64 drive connected through the serial port,
      although it's slowness was due to poorly written software. I wish
      there was a floppy equivalent to the SASI boards that have been
      floating around. Mind you I have no idea how I'd do this.
      The other option is to create a generic cartridge and burn images of
      programs to an eprom. Loads easier then trying to interface a disk
      drive. But then again I can just send them over the serial port from a
      PC, but that assumes I have communications software already on the
      puter. So I'm going to have to use the cassette???
      Yes, the only one sold in the US probably, but there's Canada, and
      the FAQ that I read the other day (the guy was from Boston or
      thereabouts) said he had a Sony something or other. The ones that were
      available overseas had detachable keyboards and whatnot. Alot of fun.

      --- In midatlanticretro@yahoogroups.com, Jim Scheef <jscheef@y...> wrote:
      > Chris,
      > The Yamaha line were the only MSX machines actually marketed in the
      US, ...
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