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1313ooo Mac guru amongst us :o

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  • Chris M
    Sep 26, 2005
      So Kelly's a Mac guru nowadays. Oooooh. I'm honored.

      I kind of fancy owning a Color Classic myself, though
      that's kind of a late one. Truly retro though ;).

      Radio Electronics featured articles on building
      homebrewed 68000 based puters back in the late 80's. I
      remember walking to a 7-11 1.5 miles from where I used
      to live in Long Island in the wee hours of the morning
      to buy it. That was back when you could buy something
      readable at a 7-11. Back when you could walk around
      that neighborhood in the wee hours. One of the
      articles mentioned a project that was popular in
      Europe. I don't think they ever featured the
      construction of it or anything, just wanted to see if
      there was any interest (I guess there wasn't). Not
      long after they did feature a series of articles
      detailing the construction of a 68k puter, that would
      use as many pc components as possible. I thought I'd
      find the issues I'm missing one of these days and give
      it a go, but Gernsback was known for it's questionable
      projects. They had a bbs years ago and I saw a some
      number of peeps bitching and moaning about how they
      couldn't get things to work. Ah well.
      If you're ever in the need for a 68000 cpu, keep in
      mind the Sega Genesis used it. They clocked it at 7.16
      mhz, but I'll bet it's essentially an 8 mhz chip.
      There's always loads of them on ebay.

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