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1309Re: [midatlanticretro] newbie computers

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  • Mindless Automaton
    Sep 26, 2005
      Kelly Leavitt wrote:

      > > -----Original Message-----
      > > From: Joe Giliberti [mailto:starbase89@...]
      > > Sent: Saturday, September 24, 2005 8:26 PM
      > >
      > > Eh, I got to try to stay closer than that. I'm in Jackson
      > > twp, which is
      > > in northern Ocean county, and unlike most, if not everyone
      > > else here, I
      > > still have to rely on my parents for transportation.
      > If we have a swap meet at InfoAge I'll bring it along. That's not very far
      > from Jackson, and if nothing else I'll be passing through there on my way.
      > > Got a question, though. There's a store not far from me called Cash
      > > Converters. They're kind of like a pawn shop, but its just buying and
      > > selling. Has anyone ever got anything at one of these?
      > My experience with pawn shops in this area and in Arkansas is that they
      > generally don't take in older computers. If it's not the current high end
      > they're not interested.
      > Stopped in several thrift stores on a recent excursion to Vermont. Most (3
      > of 4) had signs right at the door that they don't accept computers of any
      > kind.
      > Anyone else have any experience with stores like these?
      > Kelly

      Unfortunately, thrift stores have been getting shafted by accepting
      PCs. If they get something they can't
      sell, they have to pay for disposal.

      (In particular, the left sidebar under the photo)

      Instead of declining completely, I wish they'd take PCs for a fee to
      cover disposal if the item doesn't sell.

      My dad in WI used to buy PC/Mac/etc. stuff all the time from the
      Goodwill stores, but they don't sell
      it anymore I guess. Not sure how the NJ Goodwill stores work. The
      local one by me has had an
      entire computer setup for like $300 and occasionally had speakers and a
      joystick or two, but thats about it.

      I haven't hit any local pawn shops to check them out. I've heard that
      the farmer's market around here is
      a good place to hit for stuff, but I've never gone over there either.

      I've had more success at picking up curbside PCs, which isn't always
      legal however. (In my township,
      you can get ticketed for it) As a rule, I only take what's in plain
      sight, which means never opening
      bags or boxes (even if its a PC box!). If I'm on a particular busy
      street where I feel I might get caught,
      I'll go to the house, ring the bell and ask if they mind if I take the
      PC (err.. during daylight hours only of course!)
      (Did that once, usually has to be an unusual item however)

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