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1302Re: [midatlanticretro] newbie computers

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  • Chris M
    Sep 24, 2005
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      Joe...I might be able to help you out with some of
      that stuph. Theres this guy in Eatontown that has
      loads of stuph, in his basement...living room...dining
      room...guest bedroom...attic...crawl space ad nauseum.
      Lots of junk, but some of it works it seems. I can
      only go over there on Sundays, cant go tomorrow, and
      will probably be working the next 3. Ill let you know
      --- midatlanticretro@yahoogroups.com
      <starbase89@...> wrote:
      > All right. Being a newbie to vintage computers, I've
      compiled a short
      > list of what I want to try and find at first. If you
      have any
      > suggestions for others, tell me.
      > (no particular order)
      > TRS-80
      > Color Computer 1
      > Atari 800
      > Atart ST 520
      > Apple IIe Platinum
      > Apple IIc
      > Apple IIgs
      > Mac Classic
      > Commodore 64
      > Amiga 500
      > TI/99 4a
      > Some type of luggable
      > Is eBay a good place to look?
      > -Joe

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