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12975Re: [midatlanticretro] TRS-80 Model II keyboard

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  • Mike Loewen
    Jun 10, 2009
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      On Wed, 10 Jun 2009, Dan Roganti wrote:

      > Save the old foam pieces from the keyboard , I like to compare them this
      > wknd when I get there.
      >> Oops...the vacuum ate it. :-) Seriously, what was left couldn't be
      >> removed in one piece: it crumbled at the least touch.
      > oh ok, I'm waiting til I get there to take mine apart - maybe there's
      > some left in m ine that's till intact and we can compare the readings -
      > I'll bring my Cap meter too.

      I still think you're on the wrong track with this foam thing.
      According to my reading, the foam is not the dielectric, but the conformal
      coating over the semicircular pads on the PCB. All you have to do is get
      the mylar pad close enough to the PCB and you have a capacitance change.
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