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1286Re: [midatlanticretro] Re: starting out

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  • Jim Scheef
    Sep 21, 2005

      Maybe. Probably.

      You answered your own question. The Gazelle doesn't have BIOS in the sence of
      what IBM put in the original PC. There is only a ROM monitor program that
      behaves like the DOS debug program. When you turn the machine on, the monitor
      has control. Assuming you have the floppy drives connected and a bootable
      floppy, you then press a reset button on the front panel and the monitor
      tries to find something from which to boot the machine. I have no idea if any
      of this will work today. If the machine does boot, the DOS is 2.0 so it
      supports loadable device drivers. When I last played with the machine I was
      trying to connect a hard drive to a MFM controller. My problem, like I told
      you when you were here, is that I never could interface an 8" floppy to a
      regular PC to get new programs (like device drivers) to the Seattle.

      The Gazelle's 8" floppies have 1024 byte sectors, not the 512 used by just
      about ever other DOS machine on the planet. If I had connected an 8" floppy
      to a PC, the sector size would become the next challenge.

      I should look for all that stuff before it's lost forever.


      --- chrism3667 <chrism3667@...> wrote:

      > Hey Jim, if the Gazelle can take S-100 cards, couldn't you plug a
      > video card in, or is that not supported by the bios. I imagine there
      > must have been either S-100 or multibus video cards offered (I realize
      > they're not the same thing though). Then there's the problem of
      > drivers I guess...
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