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12834weekend wrap-up

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  • Evan Koblentz
    May 31, 2009
      Awesome weekend with MARCHins @ InfoAge.

      People trickled in throughout Saturday afternoon. Just like at the
      winter party, we set up a bunch of tables, including a "freebies" table,
      along with a food table and a very large cooler full of ice, beer, and soda.

      Lunch was pizza; dinner was burgers. Jeff Brace supplied the grill and
      charcoal and stuff. Joe played chef and did a great job. I led the
      crew on a tour of the H-buildings and beyond, which few MARCHins other
      than Andy and I have ever seen.

      At night we watched Spaceballs on a giant screen (joined by Steve G.,
      and by Dan and Niel from the diving club) and played Wiffleball in one
      of the mostly empty H-buildings. Other people used the time to work on
      fixing computers.

      We finally crashed after 2am. Cleaned up some, turned off all the
      lights, locked the hotel, locked the main InfoAge gate, and went across
      the street to the cottage. A bunch of people went home, but some of us
      stayed over -- me, Mike "Mouser" Kelly, Ian, Bill Dromgoole, and Jeff
      Brace. We hung for a little while longer in the cottage living room and
      .... wait, WHERE'S IAN!!!???? We lost him!!

      Apparently he was in the bathroom whilst we cleaned, turned off the
      lights, locked up, and left for the night.

      Ian was also very tired and actually fell asleep earlier in the night,
      so there was some fear that we'd find him outside behind the museum,
      face-down in a pool of his own vomit .... alas, he was just wandering
      around and quite confused. :)

      New plan: go rescue Ian.

      Then back to the cottage and off to sleep. Jeff F. joined us and
      leaving for a detour earlier in the day.

      We all went to breakfast around 11:30, then came back. We opened the
      museum for the day (regular hours) while Bill Drom., Mike, Ian, and Jeff
      B. worked on some Commodores.

      Finally called it a weekend around 4:30.

      Big thanks to everyone who came! Fun times. :)
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