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  • Evan
    Sep 20, 2005
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      Joe, see my off-list reply.

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      Evan wrote:
      Welcome to our hobby and club!
      How did you learn about us?  Where in the mid-atlantic region do you live?
      Who am I: Besides running MARCH, I'm also the editor of Computer Collector Newsletter, which has worldwide readership.
      Anyway, you'll find that most collectors either get a little of everything and anything, or they pick a specialty and become experts in it.  For example, I chose the latter route -- I collect vintage handhelds and laptops almost exclusively.
      I suggest that you join the mailing list called "cctalk" based at www.classiccmp.org -- that's the largest global mailing list for the hobby.  You can also use the web forum at www.vintage-computer.com/vcforum, which in addition has classified ads.  Other ads are at www.vintagecomputermarketplace.com, and you should buy Michael Nadeau's book "Collectible Microcomputers", both as noted by Bill Degnan.  And as you found, the site www.old-computers.com is a great online encyclopedia.
      Keep in mind that there's much more to collect besides microcomputers.  Many people get into minicomputers, and many people keep into the various kinds of software, chips, literature/books, I/O devices, storage, etc.
      As for MARCH, we have members all over the region, and spanning the whole range of vintage computing interests.  We also have live events a few times each year.  Currently we're planning a physical museum in Wall Township, N.J., and we're also planning to host a "light" version of the famous Vintage Computer Festival (vintage.org) next spring.
      Any questions?  Just ask!
      -- Evan Koblentz, a.k.a. "club prez because no one else was dumb enough to take the gig"

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      Subject: [midatlanticretro] starting out

      I'm a newbie here, and I have no collection. I am also probably one of
      the youngest here (16). The closest thing I have right now to a
      vintage computer is an NES system. Can anyone recommend a place where
      I can aquire some computers from to try and start off? I have been
      interested in vintage computers for around 4 years, but never really
      got into it.


      A computer museum in Wall NJ? I'm about 15 miles from there. I'm in Jackson NJ. That is awesome. The only one I have seen is the one in the Smithsonian American History Museum a few years ago. Is there a newsletter to keep me updated on that?
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