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12781Re: [midatlanticretro] Re: Automatic gate

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  • Evan Koblentz
    May 28, 2009
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      Yes, chain link. Not sure about the metal frame material.

      I agree that converting it to a slider is best.

      Township isn't a factor. They own the land, InfoAge has the lease and
      controls the facilities. Also this is not a MARCH budget issue, it
      would be an InfoAge expense. I'm merely proposing that MARCH engineer
      it and accept the inevitable laurels. :)

      > I suppose I will see it Saturday, but is this a chain link gate? If so, if the frame isn't aluminum - forget it, you will either break a lot of hinges, or a lot of openers). Not to poo poo on Billdeg's idea, but his design will really only work with a slider, the motor on a wheel (the weight of) will create a rut, and the wheel won't be able to reorient when it needs to return (open/close), the wheel has to be able to swivel, like the turning wheel of a baby stroller.
      > I have owned both a 20' slider and a 12' single swing, the slider design is by far the best if the site allows for it/will acommodoate it. Another thing to consider in the design is what the township will allow, not to mention we don't want to be the club that maims someone, or damages a bunch of cars.
      > Unless someone in the group is experienced in welding aluminum, it is best to buy (or partner with another club to buy, or let another club buy) the whole thing prefab. Post w/ hinges, aluminum gate frame and fence material, and the opener. We could then work on an access/egress system to tie into the opener (maybe a hacked home automation kit tied to a PC that tracks codes used) with a motion triggered webcam that clubs could peek in on through a wireless network?
      > --- In midatlanticretro@yahoogroups.com, evan@... wrote:
      >> I'm surprised at the level of "it's too difficult" in these replies. I thought you guys would jump at the chance to build something cool and get bragging rights. Personally I approach most engineering problems with the mantra, "How hard can it be?" ... Then again the stuff I build rarely works. :)
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