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12598Re: Chips that changed the world

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  • mejeep_ferret
    May 19, 2009
      > > For those interested, IEEE has an article about the 25 chips that
      > > changed the world. The NE555 is #1 and the 6502 is #2.
      > > http://spectrum.ieee.org/may09/8747

      Many of those chips are after 1980, so they're out of scope for MARCH.

      > Am I the only geek left that still finds those
      > "150 in one electronics lab" kits fascinating?

      Not at all! I'd love to play with it everyday just to remind myself of the basics and where I began. I think we as a nation are all the poorer for NOT having those readily available in schools and stores.

      My email digest feed stopped, thus my being offline for a while. As the one who made the CPU-chip display for MARCH, I'd like to keep a hand in this. I kinda started with my web page

      Yes, I need to catch up and make a web page of my "Z80 Ain't Dead" display from VCF East 2008, etc.

      -- Jeff Jonas
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