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12494Re: IBM 5150 PC On Ebay - prices are shooting up!

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  • billdeg
    May 4 7:13 PM
      > > > Have you folks been watching the sale prices of IBM PC's lately?
      > > >
      > > Yes but that price is the ONLY bid .... it's highly suspicious.
      > >
      > Dunno, the buyer bid history is pretty good the past 30 days, ~25 distinct bids, looks like about 20 purchases, mainly IBM and vintage computing.
      > I am curious, why the high starting price vs. a reserve though? A low starting bid probably would have peaked more interest and drawn more bidders.
      > Didn't something similar go for $4K recently? I recall seeing mention of a similar auction in another forum recently.

      What they're selling for and what they're worth are two different things. Why two people fought over a 5150 B model all the way up to $4500 is beyond me. If this one sells with more than 3 bids I will be more impressed.

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